Photo taken by the amazingly talented Danielle Dobson

Photo taken by the amazingly talented Danielle Dobson

Lets talk about the important things in life…….

The people we love, family, our number one right. There is nothing more important in this world than family. We all know the importance of photo’s, of our moments frozen in time and thats where I come in.

Im Melissa, mum of two fierce, strong, amazing girls and wife to a pretty rad guy, who is the love of my life. Im addicted to pretty light, all the colours and there’s no such thing as too much pattern right? Give me all the coffee & make it strong. Lover of Avocado & Nutella, although I do have a self imposed Nutella ban in the house, because life gets real crazy when I have access to a jar.

For me photography is so much more than a pretty photo. Im never going to be the sort of photographer that is going to ask you to sit and say "cheese" if thats the sort of session your after then I’m probably not the photographer for you. BUT what I will do for you is take the time to SEE you, just as you are in all your raw, real, everyday beauty.

Now I know life is busy and it can feel ordinary at times but I want to show you how all those raw, honest, real moments are by far the most stunning and the ones you will want to look back on and remember. We so often overlook these moments and yet they are the glue that holds us together as we journey from one day to the next. 

I want to meet YOUR people. Show me all your crazy, tell me your story....I want to spend my time with you and the loves of your life. I want to capture you and your family not only in the way that you want, but more importantly in the way that you NEED.  

Melissa x