Photo taken by the amazingly talented Angie Baxter

Photo taken by the amazingly talented Angie Baxter

a little about me.....


Exhibit A - these are my people. These guys right here are all the inspiration I need to be the best possible version of ME. See this good looking spunk right here, well he's a slightly hairier version of this guy I fell in love with at 19. My two little people are by far the greatest joy of my life and I totally grew them from scratch.

Life has been anything but dull. My husband was diagnosed with MS a few months after our wedding, BUT ten years later we are rocking it....because thats just what we do. This amazing human is the reason I get to wake up everyday and do what I love. His is my biggest support and has been a rock through it all, every whim, every crazy idea (and yes there are a lot) and he never falters. So heres to Browny.....absolute legend!!!!

I also have another love...Coffee, but what mum doesn't? I love nothing more than sitting down with a good magazine and a strong coffee, heaven. I have a big personality and I'm very loud. I have been known to hook up a microphone to the dvd player and sing my shoulda coulda woulda's.....yep karaoke for one guys, are you feeling it? I bet your smiling right now, don't worry it makes me happy too and I mean is there is anything that belting out Charlene's 1994 classic "Ive never been to me" can't fix, I think not.

For me photography is more than a nice photo. Im not the sort of photographer that is going to ask you to say "cheese" if thats the sort of session your after then Im probably not the photographer for you. What I will do for you is capture the beauty in your everyday. Yes life is busy and it can feel ordinary at times but I want to show you how all those raw, honest, real moments are by far the most stunning and the ones you will want to look back on and remember. How often we overlook these moments and yet they are the glue that holds us together as we journey from one day to the next. 

I want to meet YOUR people. Show me all your crazy, tell me your story....I want to spend my time with you and the loves of your life. I want to capture you and your family not only in the way that you want, but more importantly in the way that you NEED. 


Melissa x